HRT Music Streamer II, II+, and Pro

I still remember seeing the first two HRT Streamers at CES last year, when Kevin Halverson held them out in his hand, thinking what a great idea to improve the lot of cash-strapped PC Audiophiles. One year and thousands of sales later, version two of the original DACs are out as the $149.95 Music Streamer II and $349.95 Music Streamer II+. Joining them is the Music Streamer Pro at $499.95 which sports balanced +4 voltage outputs and other goodies for the pro-audio set.

Michael Hobson and Kevin Halverson were quick to explain that the new versions feature several design enhancements that result in better sound all around, while maintaining the small package and color scheme of the originals.

Salih Niper's picture

I wait from Stereophile to make a test for the Pro model (other models have been tested with moderate success). Pro seems very attractive on the spec sheet. Lets see how it performs.

bob D. Stuckiez's picture

Would love to see a comparison in terms of the 3 models' performance.

carl fox's picture

Yeeaaahh! Come on a test of Pro would be great.

James's picture

I agree! Getting some standard measurements, particularly jitter specs, is quite interesting.

Eric Shook's picture

When are these bad boys going to be on sale??

Phil's picture

I have seen the two lower priced items up for sale all of the place. The middle product is generally available for $299.

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The best I've seen is Audiowaves Hifi's website which included some decent wires:Music Streamer + High Quality USB DAC for only $239! Plus Free Shipping. SAVE $60!and FREE Kimber 1 meter USB cable! $50 valueorMusic Streamer + with 1.5 meter Kimber USB cable for $246.50. Save $110Music Streamer + with 2 meter Kimber USB cable for $254. Save $110Music Streamer + with .5 meter Kimber Silver USB cable for $264. Save $110Music Streamer + with 1 meter Kimber Silver USB cable for $314. Save $110