Electric Odeon Elektra

I had gone into the Koetsu USA room at the Venetian to catch up on the latest developments to the Italian Blacknote DSS30 media server, which I hope to be reviewing later in the year. But I was very taken by the sound of the three-way Odeon Elektra loudspeakers ($19,100/pair), which, driven either by the DSS30,a Goldennote Stibbert CD player, or a Montegiro LP player, via a Goldennote 75Wpc, solid-state integrated amplifier, didn't sound at all like what I expect from horn speakers. Strings had a natural sheen, brass winds a natural "blattiness." Whether solo voice, classical orchestral, or solo piano (a high-rez Beethoven Sonata from 2L), the sound was uncolored, unstrained, and enjoyable.

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I heard the Odeons in the Koetsu room as well. The review above is quite accurate, as the sound was intimate, delicately rendered and highly realistic. My universal litmus test - when I find myself pondering: "How can I find a way to buy these things?" Indeed, that was the reaction I had here. They were one of seven rooms that were on my personal Best Of Show list.