Electrocompaniet Maestro and Prelude BR-1 Blu-ray Player

I was surprised at how ambitious the new Maestro from Electrocompaniet looked on paper: Blu-ray drive, both audio and video streaming, internet radio, FM tuner, options including iPod dock and DAB/HD radio, integrated amplifier delivering 120 Watts into three channels, and optional 75 Watts times two amplifier for surround that can be wirelessly driven using a RF link. All this for between $8,000-10,000 depending on options.

Alas, when I arrived at the room it wasn't running (this being a prototype with some heat issues I was told) but what I did see looked promising. The Maestro is the white box on the right in this photo with the company's Peder Beckman. On the left is the new $3,000 Prelude BR-1 Blu-ray player which has been optimized for both video and audio and can include AV streaming and 7.1 outputs.