Wilson's WATT/Puppy 8

Like all Wilson Audio Specialties' speakers, the Series 8 redesign of the venerable WATT/Puppy combination is available in flawless, clear-coat automotive finishes. I do wonder, however, how many of the Utah company's customers choose more conservative finishes than those on display at CEDIA. Arrival of a pair of WATT/Puppy 8s in reviewer Wes Phillips' listening room is imminent. What color will they be?

Donald N.'s picture

Clifton sounds like a douchebag. Speaker's finish looks flawless.

OutThere's picture

Heard theese today...Bad sound, worse looks. Sure, finish is perfect, but aren't these speakers? Shouldn't they play music?

Clifton's picture

If I'm not mistaken, the one in the foreground is a nice Whorehouse Red, probably requested by a Utah customer after a visit to Elko, Nevada -- a straight shot due East out of Salt Lake City, where many of the faithful are more than willing to endure a 3-hour drive to relieve the, er, pressures of everyday life in Zion. Let me guess. Wes, being the undisputed Emperor of Audio Reviewers, will receive his copy in Royal Purple.

Clifton's picture

Who said it wasn't flawless? A flawless Whorehouse Red. Sounds like somebody needs a trip to Elko. Are you from Salt Lake City, by any chance? Cheers, Gerald (Make-Mine-Vinegar-And-Water) Clifton.