Musical Fidelity's New Half-Width X-Series

Quietly tucked at the back of the main hall, Musical Fidelity had a lot of new stuff of great audiophile interest. First off is the new "audio Swiss Army Knife," as JA referred to it in his blog yesterday, the all-in-one, $9000 kW250. But among the other goodies on the Signal Path booth was the X-Package, consisting of the neat little X-RAYv8 24/192 upsampling CD player, the X-T100 60Wpc tube hybrid integrated amp, and the Triple-X power supply which powers both as well as an optional external DAC, tuner, etc. In their compact but non-resonant aluminum casings, this $3000 system was surprisingly potent.

basso's picture

interesting- when i saw them, they were on static display, much as they appear to be in this picture. beautiful to look at, pehaps potent, but it would indeed be a surpirse since they weren't plugged in.

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I want these :)

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I cannot believe this will work!

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Great idea, but will this work over the long run?