CEDIA is an installer's show at its core, so lots of exhibits have nothing to do with audio or video—many are about tools that make the installer's life easier. Some of them are small ideas, such as belt packs to carry cable ties in. Others,like the Little Giant folding ladder are big—and let me tell you, the Little Giants booth was hopping. Why not? It folds up small, and can be used as a straight ladder, step ladder, offset ladder, or staircase ladder.

Heck, I'm not even an installer and I wanted one.

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But they weigh a TON! Because of this they are extremly difficult to unfold and setup. I am always amused at their infomercials which tend to market to older individuals, based on the secure feeling one has when standing on the setup ladder, and I agree they are extremly sturdy, but there is NO WAY and elderly individual can unfold and setup this product.RG

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I'm not even an installer and I wanted one.