Magnepan's Secret Weapon

Wendell Diller demos the "just been completed" Magnepan Automated Speaker. Essentially a Maggie MGMC1 ($725) in a wooden frame with a remote-controlled magnetic latch. When you're not using the speakers, they fold flat against the wall, looking like minimalist wall art. When you fire up the hi-fi or HT, click the button and the Automated Speakers spring into position, angling off the walls for best imaging. Price not yet determined.

George's picture

I DO NOT WISH FOR THIS TO BE PRINTED IN THE MAGAZINE.I entered magnepan's site , but they do not have an email address. The models mmg , mmgw and mmgc can be ordered only from internet. The respective company in Greece where i stay , says that they will never bring them to Greece , because they say they should buy hundreds of them in number for the company to accept.Also, the prices in Greece are almost double than normal. For example MG12 costs appx 1150e, whilst in Greece costs 2000euros. This is a grand theft!!!I also never will buy a speaker through internet because i am afraid to do it.I hope that you have to propose me a solution , or give me an email of the central magnepan's location in America, and not the phone which i already have and that would take me several minutes on the phone to reach to a conclusion.My email is Thank you in advance, George.