Standing in an 8Hz 115dB Soundfield

I couldn't resist posting one more photo of Bruce Thigpen's fan-driven infrasonic subwoofer, this time showing the drive-unit in operation. Loaded with an infinite baffle—it is in the next room—it fires into a foam-lined sub-chamber, which low-pass filters the residual fan noise, leaving just the awesome infrasonics to pressurize the room next door. Because the fan is providing the main motive power, just 30W of audio signal was required to create an spl of 115dB at 8Hz!

Bill Leebens's picture

Undoubtedly, John, if it throbbed like an old Leslie speaker you would've mentioned that. ;->Cheers, Bill

JIm Tavegia's picture

This is absolutely when the quietness of your TT platter DOES matter. Better bearings is better science.

DUP's picture

Those wires are on THE CARPET!!!!!!!! Where are the cable lifts, Myrtle Blocks...thing looks just so un audiophile, needs a replacement AC cord.

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This sub has my interest peaked.

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I simply cannot resist this. The day I do this by DIY, I will be GOD.