Pierre Gabriel

The Pierre Gabriel speakers usually demonstrated at the Montreal show are normally humongous affairs, and, with partnering equipment by Jadis, the system price may leave you with little change from a $500k bill. I was surprised, then, to see a relatively modest-looking—but still very-good-sounding—speakers playing in the Pierre Gabriel/Jadis room.

The speaker was the 15th Anniversary "Presents" (if my notes are correct), priced at CN$7500/pair. Alas, if you want the accompanying Jadis electronics and digital front end, you have to be prepared to shell out $25,000 for the preamp, $25,000 for the amps, $20,000 for the CD transport...well, you get the idea.

byron peterson's picture

I liked the sound in the room as well, although for the price tag it wasn't a real 'value' room. Unfortunately, I was turned off by the person in the room who admonished me quite rudely for flicking the power switch on the integrated on the display table off to the side (it was not connected or anything)...I wanted to see how solid it was and tried the switch...He (pierre gabriel? not sure) came over and started angrily telling me not to touch the equipment, or the tubes!?!...I asked why, and he said they were not designed to be played with or something like that. I left quite stunned by his rudeness and wondered why, if someone does not want their equipment to be touched, would they have it on display with no 'do not touch' sign? Further, if touching the power switch would put adverse wear on the thing, it may not really be worth the asking price anyway...(and i have heard from a couple friends experiences that they do have reliability issues with blue smoke and the like)Oh well...gue