Lafleur's X-1 bookshelf ($14,000/pair) was one of the hits of last year's Montreal Show despite the poor acoustics of the room they were being shown in, so I was looking forward to taking a further listen this year in a better room. Driven by an all-Simaudio Evolution series rig—Andromeda CD player and i-7 integrated amplifier—the X1s did indeed produce a superby detailed, natural-sounding midrange and treble, but the low frequencies seemed a little shelved down in absolute terms, I thought.

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I was impressed with the bass of these little speakers and thinking that I'd have to add them to my recommended monitor list... until I saw the 14K price tag. I can think of some full ranged speakers I'd rather have. But maybe there's a niche market for them, if I had some uber expensive condo in HK and not a lot of room, yet wanted the best sound I could afford, then these would be a consideration. Tweeter was very detailed but I worry about whether it would detract from my appreciation of the music over extended periods of listening. A great attempt though, at 8K a definite contender. As it stands Sonus Faber and Micro Utopias... here I come.