Son-Or Filtronique

SSI seems to feature a higher proportion than usual of rooms sponsored by high-end dealers, and one of the best sounds I experienced was in the room from Montreal dealer Son-Or Filtronique. The top-line, multi-box dCS Scarlatti SACD front-end (soon to be reviewed for Stereophile by Mikey Fremer) drove Audio Research electronics (Reference 3 preamp and Reference 110 amplifier) with speakers the impressive Kliimt from Vienna Acoustics. Cabling was all Shunyata. Corinne Bailey Rae's perfomance of Joni Mitchell's "River," from the Herbie Hancock CD of the same name, was reproduced with midrange to die for, though the low frequencies were a touch over-ripe, I thought.

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While somewhat limited by room choice, I thought these speakers had an excellent sound. The only complaint I had was the mid bass was a bit muddy and fat but I highly suspect this is due to room contributions. Nice open sound which was easy to listen to, not overly forward. The system gave off a feeling of composure and ease with everything I heard it play. The music enveloped you but treated you tenderly just the same. One of my three top picks for the show in the super high dollar value category :)

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Sonor-Filtronique is a Montreal banker whose artefact curve are some of the a lot of celebrated available, including Audio Research, Ayre, Boulder, Sonus Faber, and VPI.  sun protection swimwear for babies