The Stereophile Debate...

...was how SSI organizer Michel Plante had billed our "Ask the Editors" session, and (from left to right), Stephen Mejias, Robert Deutsch, and Art Dudley joined me in an animated discussion. Topics covered included the vinyl revivial, whether there is still a role for paper magazines in an Internet world, how does someone become a reviewer, and will Blu-ray be a viable medium for high-quality music.

The event was caught on video by the Canadian Public Access TV channel and all 11 parts can be found, courtesy of YouTube, starting at .

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"The Ask the Editors" roundtable was very enjoyable. I often wondered how some of these high end manufacturers can make a go of it. Evidently many are have difficulties during these hard economic times, as John Atkinson stated. The questions posed were intelligent along with the answers from the Stereophile writers.