Linear Acquires Niles

Linear, LLC of Carlsbad, CA, an innovative firm specializing in radio frequency products, has announced its acquisition of Niles Audio Corporation, the Miami, FL company best known for its whole-house audio and video products.

Linear is a worldwide supplier of residential security systems, intercoms, garage door and gate openers, long- and short-range remote controls, and medical/emergency reporting systems. The company has been engaging in an aggressive acquisitions program over the last few years, picking up Channel Plus, Elan Home Systems, OmniMount, OpenHouse, Panamax, SpeakerCraft, Proficient Audio Systems, and Xantech—all companies that make products for the growing whole-house entertainment distribution and custom installation market.

Niles Audio Corporation, established in 1978, began by manufacturing switching systems for audio retailers and later began offering simpler switches for residential use. The company now offers over 500 products covering "every aspect of whole-house audio distribution and the integration of audio/video systems."

Linear's chairman, Grant D. Rummell, said, "Niles is another remarkably good fit for us. This acquisition continues our pattern of joining together profitable, well-run companies and encouraging them to operate with a high level of independence, while taking advantage of the efficiencies and economies derived from integrated manufacturing, distribution, and support."