Hear the HDTracks Difference

We have written about HDTracks.com previously, but that was before the site went public. This morning David Chesky notified Stereophile that it is offering, for a limited time, a free "HDTracks Ultimate Download Experience."

I fall for that "free" term all the time on the Internet, only to discover that, in order to get that "free," I have to divulge information I'm not comfortable giving—like my credit card info. David Chesky explained that the Download Experience isn't like that. "All you have to do is register your email address and you can download the eight tracks and get a 20% discount off their next single or multiple HDTracks purchase."

HDTracks features more than 60 independent recording labels and employs no DRM. HDTracks is the only download service that offers all of its files as uncompressed AIFF files, lossless FLAC files, or 320kbps MP3 files—which means its files are compatible with all digital players.

The HDTracks Ultimate Download Experience consists of eight songs:
Livingstone Taylor: "Our Turn to Dance"
David Johansen and the Harry Smiths: "Well, I've Been to Memphis"
Earl Wild: "Mexican Hat Dance"
Holly Cole: "Larger Than Life"
Mike Garson: "Ramble"
Koko Taylor: "Can't Let Me Go"
Minnesota Orchestra; Eiji Oue: Baba Yaga from Pictures at an Exhibition
Brio: Una Tarde de Verano

If you've only heard crippled digital files (whether by DRM or lossy MP3), you need to check out the Ultimate Download Experience to hear what you've been missing.