Zesto, Tidal from The Voice That is, Dr. Feickert, Tri-Planar, Ortofon, Cardas, and Stillpoints

Oh, how I love the look of Zesto Audio equipment. Here it found its ideal visual complement in Tidal Piano speakers ($57,000/pair) from Philly-area dealer The Voice That Is and a catchily titled (not) Stillpoints ESS42-26-4 rack with acrylic shelves ($13,788).

LP was the medium of choice in this room. From Blue Note 1595, Somethin’ Else, Cannonball Adderly’s sax sounded gorgeous, the top lively. “Jupiter” from Zubin Mehta’s take on Holst’s perpetual The Planets was ideally open, clean, and shiny. I didn’t write down what else was played, but my impression was, open, warm, lively, impeccably clean, flowing, and—within the constraints imposed by a the room—musically perfect at the right volume level.

Zesto supplied the Andros Deluxe II tube phono stage ($8300), Leto Ultra II tube preamp ($11,900), and Eros 500 class-A monoblocks ($35,000/pair). Beyond the phono stage, the rest of the analog front end consisted of a Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker table with linear power supply ($7390) outfitted with a Tri-Planar VII-U2 Classic 9.8" arm ($7500) and Ortofon Windfeld TI MC cartridge ($5999).

Stillpoints also provided amp stands, supports, and Aperture 2 panels on stands. From Cardas came Beyond and Clear Beyond cabling and a Nautilus power strip. From me came smiles and a happy to spend time with you again, George and Carolyn. It’s been too many shows without you.