In Your Mailbox Now: our November 2015 Issue

The October Stereophile may have featured a retro tubed integrated amplifier on its cover but the November issue, hitting newsstands and mailboxes now, spotlights the hi-tech, solid-state Musical Nu-Vista 800 integrated amplifier. Don't fret, thermionic aficionados, the Musical Fidelity's preamp section is built around classic nuvistor triodes.

And the November issue features plenty of other amplifiers: Arcam's value-for-money P49 power amp; Parasound's Halo Integrated; Allnic's tube integrated; and the extraordinary Benchmark AHB2, which uses patented THX technology to achieve distortion levels lower than a typical speaker wire terminated with banana plugs! Add a rave review for Chord's Hugo TT DAC; comparisons between the AudioQuest Jitterbug and Uptone Audio's ReGen USB; and an interview with tenor sax star Kamasi Washinton; and the 172-page November 2015 Stereophile is going to give readers some primo reading.