YG Acoustics’ Sonja 1.2

Photo: John Atkinson

YG Acoustics’ Sonja 1.2 passive loudspeakers ($72,800/pair), which is basically the Sonja 1.3 that JA will be reviewing in the July issue, with one less woofer, sounded gorgeous in a not-so-modest $250,000 system. Sharing the honors were Tenor Audio’s 1755 stereo amplifier (Cn$55,000) and Line1/Power 1 preamplifier (Cn$75,000), Luxman’s DA-06 DAC ($6000), and $34,700 worth of Kubala Sosna Elation cabling and Sextet Power Distribution box.

When I entered, the system was shining on Count Basie’s 88 Basin Street. “Lively highs with appropriate bite,” I wrote in my notes. “Real, not hyped-up midrange. Very solid bass. This system has it all.”

An attendee who asked to hear one of his own recordings could hardly keep from talking over the music. “Boy, was I shocked,” he finally exclaimed. I wasn’t convinced that the system had the greatest slam in the world, but I was greatly impressed nonetheless. You don’t have to perfect to have it all.