Affordable Audio & King Sound

It appears I couldn’t go for an entire show without hearing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones’ “Flight of the Cosmic Hippo”—one of the last rooms I went into on the Sunday afternoon, shared by Affordable Audio and speaker manufacturer King Sound featured the unmistakable sound of Victor Wooten’s deep-voiced bass guitar! “Electrostatics don’t have bass?” asked Kingsound’s Roger du Naier, “Listen to that!” And Roger was right, the Prince III electrostatic kicking major low-frequency bootie, and without too narrow a sweet spot, the other Achilles’ Heel of big panel speakers. Surely this wasn't all due to the presence of Synergistic's little ART bowls in the room?

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Well, you have a question.  Now, how do you find the answer?

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It seems to me that the plants are positioned such that they are acting as diffusers of sorts. I also wonder about the influence of the floor lamps on the overall sound.

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The plants on display in the Affordable Audio / King Sound room were real living, breathing, photosynthesizing plants. The two 6ft. Bamboo Palms were supplied by Green Effect Event Foliage in San Clemente, CA. Their intended purpose was not acoustical, merely aesthetic.

Regarding the two lamps, if they were major contributors to the overall sound quality of the exhibit, I have a great new inexpensive room treatment for audiophiles.


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Re: the two lamps, you may be onto something.

How about this, measure the room without the plants, lamps, or Synergistic bowls.  Then measure the room with just the plants, then just the lamps, then just the bowls.  Then measure the room with a set of legitimate absorbers, diffusers, and basstraps from GIK, Auralex, Real Traps, or MSR Acoustics (or any of the others).  If the Plants or Lamps measure closer to the bowls than the absorbers, diffusers, or basstraps, I'd say you have a winner.  Or you have an expensive bowl.

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I like these speakers but they don't play that loud.