Venice Audio

Dexter Gordon was in the midst of turning head over heels, or vice versa, over the sound of his LP, Dexter Blows Hot and Cool, in the Venice Audio room. He may have blown a bit cool over the out-of-control bass, but he surely found the beauty of his tenor sax, and the clarity of the cymbals hot indeed.

Doing the honors were the Harbeth Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers in cherry ($5990), Leben HiFi RS30EQ MM phono preamp ($2695), Line Magnetic Audio 501IA integrated amp ($4250), Well Tempered Lab Amadeus turntable/tonearm ($2850) with DPS power supply ($400), and EMT TSD15 MC cartridge ($1950). From Auditorium 23 came the step-up transformer 103/EMT ($995), loudspeaker cables ($980/2.5m pair), and interconnects ($795/1m pair). Box Furniture Co supplied the S3S Sapele rack ($2550) and A1A Anigre amp stand ($900).