Where do you buy most of your new music?

Where do you buy <I>most</I> of your new music?
Local specialty music store
28% (56 votes)
Local discount chain
8% (17 votes)
Music club (BMG, etc.)
12% (25 votes)
Internet (CDnow, etc.)
19% (39 votes)
Direct from labels
0% (1 vote)
Combination of above
25% (50 votes)
Other (please explain)
6% (13 votes)
Total votes: 201

The responses to last week's poll triggered interest in this week's question from many readers.

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BMG, Tower, Virgin, and Music Direct.

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EveryCD has a great catalog and very fair prices, I also do the local store but it can't beat the selection and prices, specially since I buy very diffrent styles of music (Jazz, Rock, classical, trova, sones,etc.)

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Why don't you put all the posts? You guys censor these posts :-( Even good posts that are tactful but disagree strongly with the theme of the 'VOTE' BOOOOOOO!!!!

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Great used record & CD store in Tucson called PDQ. Check it out---huge stock in every category.

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My local dealer took all the nice gold CDs, which were in a separate section, and moved them into the artist-categorized regular offerings 'cause the shoplifters always attacked the premium collection. Now I can't find them, so I don't buy them. Does this make sense to anyone?

Karl Richichi, U.T.  Film Dept.'s picture

A combination, but mostly online simply because of prices: three for one here, 12 for one there. There are so many great deals online that it is very hard to pay $12.99 plus tax for one disc downtown nowadays. I can always find import lables, or Touch and Go, 4AD, etc. Even the rarest of discs you can find at a better price online.

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I generally prefer to support local retailers, but the music stores here in New York City are much too expensive. I never pay more than $12.99 on the Web, and basic retail price in New York is $16.99---they have no chance of survival, in my opinion.

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I like to support what are left of the local specialty retail stores when I can.I do look for sales though.

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Mail Order: Elusive Disc.

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Acoustic Sounds

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I live in Southern California and I buy most of my music from the stores listed on this page: (http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/1484/records.htm). Aron's in Hollywood, Rhino in West Los Angeles, and Rockaway in Silverlake are great for new and used vinyl.

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First of all,all record clubs are ripoffs. Why should you pay postage on just certain lablels on cds that are not the latest available. I purchase most of my cds through BEST BUY, beacause they are the cheapest PERIOD.

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I'm an analog die-hard, so most of my shopping is done where I can find second-hand records. I sometimes think of getting a CD player soon, so that I can get recordings from the library---a nice way to expose oneself to new music without having to make an investment in software that might well not be worth it.

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most of my recent cd, bought directly from audio magazin's.

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95% of my purchases are from HMV or Sam's---both within a block of each other in downtown Toronto. The prices and selection are great, but not excellent. I order some CDs from specialty labels such as Mapleshade, or from Europe when a CD has not been released in North America.

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tower of records

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First I check my local retailer, Plan9 Music, because they offer excellent service and selection and I want them to stay in business. However, I've been buying music for 30 years and often can not find what I want at retail. Since a special order would be required anyway I just order directly from the label.

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The music I buy on the net is all second hand. I use GEMM alot and also send my wants list to dealers that i find while browsing.

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I buy as many used cd's as I can. I think cd's are way overpriced.

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alot from music clubs. You can get some good buys if you buy when they have thier sales(three for the price of one). I am still be an audiophile if I look at the price?

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I have converted to the convenience of the net. I've made payments a few times and am feeling cocky and secure. The overall price of a cd delivered is roughly the same as one purchased with sales tax. Lazy man's dream. And some e-stores let me return them, too!

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Newsflash! Record companies are ripping us off! Shayne.