Where do you buy most of your new music?

Where do you buy <I>most</I> of your new music?
Local specialty music store
28% (56 votes)
Local discount chain
8% (17 votes)
Music club (BMG, etc.)
12% (25 votes)
Internet (CDnow, etc.)
19% (39 votes)
Direct from labels
0% (1 vote)
Combination of above
25% (50 votes)
Other (please explain)
6% (13 votes)
Total votes: 201

The responses to last week's poll triggered interest in this week's question from many readers.

Greg Simmons's picture

Buying more and more CDs on-line these days. Even though I'd prefer to support the local stores, they never carry the recordings I want and so I have to order them and wait to see if the recordings are available. I'd rather wait for an on-line purchased disc to arrive - at least then I know for sure it's coming!

Graeme Nattress's picture

I shop at Concepts in Durham, UK. Dave orders stuff for me, knows my musical tastes, and will tell me when new releases are imminent. Great service and cheaper prices than elsewhere. Support your local!

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

Nothing beats the fun of browsing through the discs at the store . . .

John Crossett's picture

I'll buy my music fix from anyone. I'm not proud. When the urge strikes, I just have to satisfy it, so I do, with whatever means are handiest.

Brian Boehler's picture

While I have historically shopped at some local discount chains (Best Buy and Circuit City), I am starting to use the Internet more and more. Better selection and about the same prices. The savings in time and frustration are great.

Ng CK's picture

The delivery charges online stores charges for their CDs to this part of the world is ridiculously high (sometimes more than the CD itself), so I buy from stores like HMV and Tower all the time.

Rob P.'s picture

Point and click, wait for the mailman.

Craig Stephens's picture

Although not as rich in stores as Los Angeles, where I grew up, Portland has a huge number for the size city it is, & I can get to more stores that sell used & new vinyl (8-10) within a 10-minute drive of my house than ever existed in, say, Pasadena, CA, a city with a population bigger than here.

JKH, Santa Clara, CA's picture

CDnow is cool. The wish list lets me add things I like from reading a review which I can go back and buy later. BMG is much cheaper, but has a limited selection that seems oriented toward "pop" jazz.

V.  Manson's picture

Better choice of music, lower prices. V. Manson

Scott Miller's picture

I've recently started shopping around on the Internet for music, and have ordered maybe five or six CDs that way, but I still purchase the majority of my CDs at music stores. I think that's about to change.

Peter Randell's picture

Although there is not much difference in price, buying from the Internet gives me better choice, better services, and much higher quality. (All local CD shops store CDs in paper sleeves so that they can put the boxes on display. This leaves paper & handling marks on the CDs.)

Warren's picture

I buy audiophile and collector vinyl from various mail order dealers and mainstream cds from the internet

Nick Fulford's picture

I use a combination of the local specialty music store and the local discount chain.

Charlie from Ventura's picture

Was buying from a local independent record store, but it closed. Too bad, as I enjoyed the atmosphere and the personal service. I even miss the goofy-looking employees!

tony esporma's picture

mail order. No state sales tax and I can get import LPs.

Mike McClendon's picture

The folks at Homer's in Omaha have become personal friends. They treat me with respect, order anything I want (even obscure Rs 2 Die 4), and give me a substantial discount. Long live the hometown music specialty store!

Mark Mazur's picture

The Internet has made it much easier to purchase hard-to-find imports, so I do most of my shopping online.

Norm Strong's picture

I wait until they're on sale for almost nothing. Then I buy.

Mike Molinaro's picture

I purchase most of my music from used record & CD stores, thrift stores, garage sales (just picked up a VG+ "Kingsmen in Person" for 50 cents), or wherever fine vinyl is sold.

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

I live near Ohio State, and nothing beats a campus record store, but let's face it---music is meant to be taken when ripe.

Mannie Smith's picture

BMG offers great bargains, so I buy when I can. But I usually find the music I want at Planet Music in Virginia Beach, which has extensive classical and jazz departments and a knowledgeable staff. They also encourage the classical music buffs to sit around and chew the fat about music, even to the extent of offering refreshments on Saturday. A novice is met by helpful staff and other customers without condescension or snobbery. This is the way stereo and music stores should operate.

Bruce W.'s picture

I wishit was as easy to buy new LPs as it is to buy these CDs. I'm drowning in CDs and still don't enjoy the experience as much .

Frank Mason's picture

Most of my new music is purchased from Horizon Music and Manifest Discs and Tapes. New vinyl from Acoustic Sounds.

Mike in Dallas's picture

My favorite audio store used to carry a good software selection (Linn, Naim, and Chesky CDs, among others), but have cut back their inventory. I browse mostly at Borders, some at other book/music stores. I've ordered directy from the Naim website (ships from the UK, no less), as well as some from EveryCD on the Web. Browsing for CDs just isn't as much fun as it was for RECORDS; with CDs you flip thru and get plastic security holders cracking against each other. With records you got a pleasant little "phhtt" when cardboard hit cardboard hit cardboard. Another plus for VINYL, I guess. Oh well.

Randy Lert's picture

For those with music-acquisition addiction, EveryCD (www.everycd.com) is a blessing. This place works. Great inventory, and it is much cheaper. I have gotten back the $40 annual fee many times over in just a few months. Highly recommended. Also to be valued is Music Direct, which has a good website and is clearly an audiophile-oriented business.

Mad Guru's picture

From BMG and Columbia House. All I need to do is to wait for their bargain specials. Materials not on their menus I buy from Tower Records thru the internet.

Lonnie Brownell's picture

Lou's Records in Encinitas. Two stores side by side: one for new, one for used. A classic record shop, and I do mean records---yes, they carry vinyl, used and new.

WARD MOORE's picture

BMG and COLUMBIA HOUSE offer good value as well as the local circuit city store, who is the only retailer with a wide varitey of listening stations.

Warren L.  Rubin's picture

From specialty mail order reetailets.