Wadia Does It All

Kevin Wolff of VANA Ltd., the US distributors of Vienna Acoustics and Primare products (left) joined Sunil Merchant (right) in his second Sunny Components room to show off the absolutely brand new, impressively slim and stylish Wadia Intuition 01 ($8500) shown atop the equipment rack. This new all-purpose baby combines 350 watts of class-D+ amplification with a 32-bit AD/DA digital preamp that, on USB, can decode both 384/32 and DSD files.

Unfortunately, the unit on hand, the very first to make its way to the good ole USA, had maybe two days break-in when I heard it on Friday morning. Paired with Vienna Acoustics’ The Kiss loudspeakers ($18,000/pair) and Transparent Reference cabling, its highs were rather muffled. While bass was fleshed out nicely, that only refers to the bass that wasn’t booming. Was all this due to the room, the subwoofer that first came in at 22Hz, or the lack of break-in. . . or all three? Hey, it was a show, and this is neither a review nor 20 questions answered. To be continued. . .