Von Schweikert from YFS (Your Final System)

That Albert Von Schweikert is an excellent speaker designer is widely known. Hence it was no surprise that the Von Schweikert Audio UniField Two three-way bookshelf loudspeakers with dedicated stands and active noise reduction ($8000/pair) were making exceptionally smooth music on an unidentifiable classical piece played on an outstanding system that included the YFS supercomputer HD.REF-3 LE ($15,500), EMM Labs DAC2X ($15,000), and Constellation Audio Centaur amplifier ($27,000) and Virgo preamplifier ($29,000). All this was powered and connected by Master-Built Signature power cords ($6200/6 ft.), ULTRA XLR audio cables ($12,000/pair), Signature RCA interconnects ($6200/pair), and Signature bi-wire speaker cables ($7500/8 ft. pair).

However, despite the gorgeous depth of the presentation, I noted that on my recording of pianist Murray Perahia playing Handel, the highs lacked brilliance. The ping that gives a well-recorded piano the spark of life was missing.

Albert Von Schweikert to the rescue. Entering the room just as I was voicing my concerns, he explained that earlier in the day, when the system was still warming up and a visitor had complained that the sound was too bright, he had switched to much less inexpensive interconnects.

“Put the better ones in!” I exclaimed.

The change took all of 20 seconds. Even before the cables had time to settle in, life returned to the system. Folks who dismiss the possibility that cables can make a major sonic difference, and that choice of cabling is as important as choice of components, will of course poo-poo this. It saddens me to think how much beautiful music they’re missing because they refuse to listen.

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Small Compact but had a big sound!