Von Gaylord

For audiophiles who may remember Legend Audio and their fascinating water-cooled amps, they have changed their name to Von Gaylord, and moved from Berkeley, CA to West Sacramento. Their sound has gotten even better in the process: lovely, warm, and refreshingly sweet, with eye and ear-opening sound staging, set far behind the speakers, and inviting air around images.

I believe that Von Gaylord makes only one loudspeaker, the VG-1 Plus ($19,000/pair). Despite their small size, these babies extend down to 20 Hz ±3dB. The company also showed off their new amplifier, which uses KT-120 tubes. I regret that my information is sketchy, company president Ray came down with a wicked flu immediately following T.H.E. Show, and has been unable to get me a complete equipment list by blog time. I really enjoyed my time in this room, and urge you to check out Von Gaylord's website for more information.

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Nice sounding amps.