MBL's Corona System

I still remember the chills that ran down my spine when I saw the band Rufus, with a young, slim Chaka Khan, performing "Tell Me Something Good" at a small English club more years ago than I care to recall. So when I went into the smaller MBL room at the Irvine Hilton and Jeremy Bryan started playing a live version of the same song, I got a similar thrill.

Speakers were the omnidirectional MBL 120 stand-mounted Radialstrahlers ($21,400/pair), driven by the Corona-series C31 CD player ($9200), which has a 24/96-capable USB input, Corona C11 preamplifier ($8800), and the Corona C21 300Wpc stereo amplifier ($9200). The total system cost was $48,600, not including the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse cable, which sounds expensive, but not when you compare that with the cost of the MBL system described by Jason in the previous story and consider that the Corona system gets you a long way toward that system's sound.

K.Reid's picture

Let me first state that Corona preamp, stereo amp and monoblocks are simply a gorgeous industrial works of art...not to mention that each sounds spectacular. I love that strip of chrome that runs through the middle of each with the blue green digital readout. It provides the right amount of flare and elegance. All the components at first glance beg the listener to go over and touch them to experience the build quality. They really are quite striking.

The 120 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Close your eyes and you get a good dose of the what the 101EMkII is about. You can't go wrong.