Viola's The Concerto

Despite the upside down dissection, Viola's The Concerto stereo amplifier ($22,000), first introduced in October in Tokyo, produced very smooth fast and solid sounds with nice depth and fine warmth on Fourplay's plastic version of jazz. My scribble says that the amp has a choke input power supply and Motorola thermal track transistors, and outputs 100W into 8 ohms and 200W into 4. Not pictured are Viola's Crescendo preamplifier and Oceanway's Audio Montecito loudspeakers ($48,000/pair).

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I recently bought the Musical Fidelity M6PRX amplifier for my system.

The sound is very impressive with my Vandersteen Treo speakers.

I would be interested to see what sort of impression you had if you put it up against the $22,000 amplifier.