SMT Ceiling Treatment in the Marten/Meinwald Room

I am sure that contributing to the superbly neutral, well-balanced, uncolored, full-range sound in this room was the acoustic treatment from Swedish company SMT, which provided a combination of absorbers and diffusors. And dig the treatment applied to the ceiling by SMT, with different-radius sphere segments. Other exhibitors could take lessons from Martin and its US distributor Dan Meinwald.

And what spouse is going to look up at the listening-room ceiling? :-)

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Like a pooch searching for a hidden bone, the audiophile spouse in search of trouble will detect and object to room treatment even if it's invisible to the naked eye. Imagine, looking up to the ceiling in prayer to God the Almighty, only to discover that God has sprouted bubble blisters. 

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This is my Feng Shui nightmare.

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High end audio makes my blood boil and my ceiling.

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Having the best Pass Labs amp ever made couldn't hurt either... :)