Vanatoo for You? Absolutely.

There's nothing more to say about Seattle-based Vanatoo's superb-sounding Transparent One Encore ($599/pair) and little Transparent Zero ($399/pair) active loudspeakers that hasn't been discussed in detail in my Stereophile review. Gary Gesellchen's little babies deliver astoundingly mellifluous, all-of-one-piece sound from tiny cabinets.

John Atkinson's measurements validated everything I said in my review. These well-designed speakers perform at a level so far above their price as to bring into question many things that shall remain unnamed. If you don't believe me, find a way to hear them. Of course, the bigger baby delivers more of everything it can deliver.

I have a friend in Port Townsend who, to this day, is kicking herself because after I arranged for her to buy my review pair, she instead impulse-bought an Apple speaker that she detests. If you're in the market for a simple cost-effective sound system, and the speaker's options work for you, by all means.

teched58's picture appears that you are the only writer left at Stereophile, since nearly all the stories on the home page are written by you. I hope it's not too lonely holding down the fort all by yourself.

Please don't forget to turn out the lights when you leave.

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Stereophile has a full complement of writers. I'm the one covering the PAF.