US-Made Products Debut in Florida Saturday

Saturday September 17, from 12–7pm, Audible Images (1610 Pineapple Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32935) will be hosting Bill Peugh from Wilson Audio, Bill McKiegan from Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, and Trent Suggs from Audio Research Corp. This event will be the Florida debut of the Wilson Yvette speakers, the D'Agostino Progression monoblocks, and the Audio Research Ref 3 phono preamp and Ref 6 preamp. The music will be accompanied by complimentary food and wine. For more information call (321) 626-3898.

Anton's picture

I will attend, but will listen while on one knee in order to protest the 'high end' industry's mistreatment of Mid Fi and lower end audio consumers.

I know you will understand.

jtshaw's picture

Not mentioned, but Indy Audio Labs has successfully resurrected Aragon and Acurus, and I've read that their production runs are selling out quickly. Their profile in the States strikes me as low, so could they be selling more successfully overseas? Anyway, if U.S. manufacture matters, Aragon and Acurus should probably get a listen, too.