Two Thumbs Up for YG and Simaudio Moon

One of the three rooms at T.H.E. Show created by Scott Walker Audio of Anaheim excelled in solid, grounded sound with a firm bottom and natural tonalities. Ah, don't we all long for a firm bottom and natural toning. But I digress. In this room, YG Acoustics paired its excellent Kipod II Signature loudspeaker ($49,000/pair) with Sim Audio's Moon Evolution 700i 175Wpc integrated amplifier ($13,000) and 650D CD player ($9000)—both products that have been highly praised in Stereophile's pages—and Synergistic Research's Galileo cables, PowerCell 10 SE (probably Mk.III), and full complement of Acoustic ART devices. The latter were doing an excellent job, because the two Kipod II's powered woofers were in firm control in a room that rendered many other speakers' bass boom city. "Beautiful triangle. . .wonderful midrange. . .good three-dimensionality" I wrote in my notes. I wasn't handed a price sheet for the Synergistic Research products, but the company makes its entire price list available online here.

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Oh yeah, I saw these bells hanging all over the walls. When I went to get a product description, well let's just say no one could really explain. While I'm sure they interact with the room's acoustics, I'm not so sure that they are more effective than absorption and diffusion pannels.

I'm open to an explanation,

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Please read in the forums about the fraud bowls. There are several threads on there. Atkinson won't test them (he knows deep down they are a fraud) You are just supposd to trust Ted, hand over your money, then switch on your "I Believe" button and bask in the wonder of his quakery.