TSx from Polk

Many speaker manufacturers give their various speaker lines fanciful names that make it difficult to determine a given speaker's position in the manufacturer's intended quality range. Polk, in contrast, simply places their speakers in three categories: Good, Better, and Best. I suspect this helps sales staff in stores enormously in communicating what the differences are between various speakers from Polk.

The new TSx range of Polk speakers fall into the manufacturer-designated Good category. The TSx500r, the larger speakers in the photo, has been improved in a number of ways from its predecessor, but the price is still a very reasonable $999/pair.

kevon27's picture

Polk is doing an excellent job revamping it's speaker lines. But they need to improve on their center channel and subwoofers. The TSx500r is a huge looking beast and the center looks so small. It's time we get a three way WTMW design in Polks lower end models. Only the LSI-M's get the best center channels.

Also Polk.. please re-do ALL of your subwoofers.