Tri and Acoustic Zen Score a 10

After years of thoroughly enjoying the sound of lower-priced electronics from Tri (Triode Corporation Ltd–Japan), always in pairings with Acoustic Zen loudspeakers, I was surprised to encounter the price of Tri's prototype Junone Ultinate [sic] reference preamplifier ($15,000). Due the first week of March, the Junone boasts outboard dual-mono power supplies, one for each channel, with separate volume controls for each channel that are connected to a center knob.

Paired with Tri's TRV-EQ3SE phono equalizer, TRX-M845 monoblocks ($22,500), other electronics, and Acoustic Zen's new Crescendo Mk.II loudspeakers ($18,000), Gargantua power cords, Hologram speaker cable, and Absolute Copper interconnects, the IsoMike recording of the Formosa Duo playing the Suite from Porgy & Bess exhibited such lovely sweet and warm sound that I was impelled to write, in my notes, "Definitely a winner." I wish I could have stayed for more. Lots more.