Theta Jade CD transport System

Sidebar 2: System

Working back from the sound in air, launched by Wilson WITT 2 speakers via Transparent XL cables: the power amplifier was a Krell FPB 600, driven either by directly controllable decoder outputs or via a Conrad-Johnson ART preamplifier. These decoders included that of the Krell KPS-25i, referenced to a dCS Elgar and the Audio Synthesis DAX Decade (configured for HDCD and full balanced operation). Comparison transports include the Krell and a trusty if discontinued Meridian 200, these also referenced to my assessment of the Theta Basic II transport.

Digital interconnects included models from van den Hul, Siltech, and—perhaps a degree out of context—the impressive Transparent Digital Reference, balanced and unbalanced.—Martin Colloms

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