SVS's Ultra Evolution Pinnacle

I'm used to demoing SVS at AV trade shows, but not at high-end two-channel affairs like this Tampa show. The debut of the Ultra Evolution series speakers represents the dawn of a new era for a company that made its name designing high-performance subwoofers and affordable, high-performance speakers. Video below.

SVS is showing a two-channel system anchored by a pair of Ultra Evolution Pinnacle speakers ($5000/pair) powered by an Emotiva BasX A2 stereo amplifier ($499) and a PT2 stereo preamp/DAC/tuner ($699). The system was wired up with SVS SoundPath interconnects and speaker cables.

"Warriors," from the album Subway Gawdz by Too Many Zooz, a self-described "brass house" band, was in-your-face energetic, delivering live-concert sound and all the tactile sensations that go with it. I also heard Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place," from the album Kid A. The combination of electronic textures, treated vocals, and minimalist instrumentation rewards deep listening. The delivery here was accurate and immersive, not analytical.

The four woofers in the Evolution Pinnacle speakers are a dual-opposed, force-canceling design, with two 8" woofers facing forward and two backward. This dual-opposed alignment offers the benefit of force-cancellation (which lowers distortion) and provides a surface area equivalent to a single 16-inch driver; it also accounts for the unusual shape of the cabinet—that and the goal of time-aligning the drivers.

Unsurprisingly (in light of this driver complement), the bass output from the Ultra Evolution Pinnacles sometimes overwhelmed the small demo room; that can be chalked up to room gain and SVS's decision to eschew EQ for this demo.

To my ears, eyes, and sensibilities, the Ultra Evolution Pinnacle tower is a mature product from a company that is elevating its game to compete with the high-end offerings of the two-channel world.

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I am really looking forward to hearing these.

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Small correction to your post: The Emotiva BasX A2 Amp is actually $499 in the USA.
I'm particularly interested to hear the difference that the Ultra Evo's redesigned tweeter makes.

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Verified and corrected.

Jim Austin, Editor

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awards in Europe, not so much in the US for whatever reason.
If the UEP speakers can gain some traction with audiophiles, they appear poised for greatness as a spectacular value.