Stromtank charges ahead

One of my first stops at Munich High End 2024 was at the Stromtank power regenerator display in Halle 3. Accustomed to seeing the visually imposing Stromtank “A Mighty Fortress is our God” computer-monitored battery power supply units in either silver or black, it was a surprise to encounter the Stromtank S-2500 Quantum Mk2 ($30,000)—the unit I currently use—in white.

Even more surprising: the forthcoming mammoth S-6000 will be available in red and white. Literature was not yet available, but it is said to contain two converters—the S-1000 ($17,000) and S-2500 contain only one—and can provide a whopping 3000VA continuous output power.

When I asked the difference between MK-I and MK-II models—I’m set to review the S-4000 ProPower MK-II ($40,000) shortly—I learned that the former’s DC voltage is 24, while the MK-II’s is 48. “They need less current, and both sound quality and dynamics are better,” company founder Wolfgang Meletzky told me.

Detailed information on the S-6000 did not arrive by press time—I’ll add what I learn in the comments section later on. While there I snapped a photo of Meletzky, CEO Annett Dehmel, and research & engineering mastermind Sven Böttcher surrounding the S-2500 Quantum Mk2.

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my electric water heater into one of those during hurricane season? At the very least maybe my Nespresso machine, iPhone charger and a hair dryer (not all at the same time.)

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Try your vibrator.

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Yeah should insert into the ear nicely.

Cheers George

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A light hearted SchTROMTONK!

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JVS, trolling your own publications’s forum!

No, seriously, is Stereophile sending anyone out to cover the CAS California Audio Show this year?

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Jim Austin is the only person who knows for sure. But why would we cover a show that had 10 or less rooms last year and looks to have the same this year? I haven't even received publicity about this show, and it seems to be less than two months away. Does it any way help build the audiophile community?

These questions are rhetorical. The decision is not in my hands. If anyone from Stereophile is covering it, it will not be me.


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I attended a CAS show several years before the pandemic and I felt I got a lot out of it in terms of hearing new gear and finding out about new music that was used to sample the gear.

Granted, it was a bit larger back then, but the entry fee was something like twenty bucks. Not a huge risk, especially if you have anyone who is in the area already.

Even ten rooms can be of interest if they feature novel and interesting new products, and at least from my experience of the show, it did, with mostly killer and little filler. Not like CES, it was pretty focused on the kinds of products that I believe Stereophile *should* be covering.

I believe it’s been small and obscure the past couple of years because, like most conventions, it took a huge hit from the pandemic. The show itself was only started in 2009, so it’s not like it was already a long running tradition to begin with.

I can’t imagine how a show like this can’t help but build the local audiophile community. You seem to have some sort of negative disposition towards the show. Did you have a bad experience or something?

Really, if you’re covering $40,000 power conditioners like this, then WTF? Does this build the audiophile community??

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I'm glad the show served you. If, perhaps, you're in San Mateo, do you participate in the local audiophile community via the San Francisco Audiophile Foundation? Do its members feel served by the show?

I have nothing more to share on the matter. Enjoy.


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No, I’m not a member of SFAF, though I see you ran it in the mid oughts. I also see that you’ve actually covered CAS for Stereophile a few times, most recently in 2015.

No worries, I respect your reasons, which evidently are very good ones.

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It makes sense. Require audiophiles to have 2200 square foot listening rooms.

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The sonic improvements when one of these is coupled with ivory and platinum power-cable lifters.

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I'd really love a link plz...

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… one of these is not high on my list of improvements, neither in terms of resources nor space constraints.

One of these things looks like an oversized D’Agostino Progression power amplifier, complete with the cyberpunk jeweled power meter front and center. It only lacks the actual power amplifier itself.