Stereophile in Seattle: Music Matters 7

Wednesday, February 29, 5–9pm: Definitive Audio (6206 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA) will host an evening devoted to the reproduction of music and the joy of listening. Stereophile’s Editor John Atkinson and Assistant Editor/Entry Level columnist Stephen Mejias will be giving presentations in the Wilson/D’Agostino and Linn rooms, respectively. Manufacturers showcasing gear include Audio Research, D’Agostino, Linn, Meridian, Peachtree, Vienna Acoustics, Wilson Audio and Wisdom Audio.

For more on what goes on at a “Music Matters” event, JA’s highlights the last event in North Carolina, where he enthused, “I applaud dealers who promote evenings such as these…[who] who give up their evenings to promote recorded music and keep their customers' passions growing.” Attendants should RSVP as early as possible .

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we audiophiles should applaud these dealers for hosting these great shows.

I wished I lived in Seattle.

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And what they say is true: The coffee in Seattle is AMAZING.  And it never stops raining.

music guy's picture's not common knowledge to all but I've been told the city name of  "Seattle" is an old Indian word for Latte.



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Our thanks to Marc Ormiston, Craig Abplanalp, Michelle Troupe, and all at Definitive for putting on a great, music-filled evening . jA