Stayin' Alive with Soundstring

Bless Len Miller of Soundstring Cable Technologies for providing me with a solid presentation of John Travolta's "Stayin' Alive." As my pace increased as I attempted to cover four floors in three days, this music became a mantra of sorts.

To his credit, Len also supplied a full list of room components. Doing the honors were, first and foremost, Soundstring's GEN II Platinum Series power cords, interconnects and speaker cables. The 6' GEN II Beta 2-22NS single-ended interconnects ($570/pair), 8' GEN II Gamma 2-12 speaker cables ($750/pair), and 6' GEN II Gamma 4-12 "Special Edition" high output 30 amp power supply cords ($1345 each). These babies were dancing hard with Carl and Marilyn Marchisotto's Nola Contender loudspeakers ($3600/pair), Audio Research VSi-60 integrated tube amplifier ($4495 and a Stereophile "Component of the Year"), and Audio Research CD5 CD player and digital transport ($5995).