Sony Progression of Sound

When the presentation turned to audio, Sony's Michael Fasulo referred to consumers' desire for "an even better listening experience," and that this was illustrated by the progression from LP to compact cassette, and then to CD, and to MP3. I must admit that I was taken aback by this statement. These changes in recorded music media may well represent a search for increased convenience, but few audiophiles would argue that a change from LP to compact cassette or from CD to MP3 represents "even better listening experience."

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Just wow….. This probably explains why Sony just released a turntable. :-) /s

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I guess Sony forgot to mention that its original hi-res playback format, SACD, just had one of its biggest years (if not the biggest ever) in terms of new releases. Almost 1,000 new SACD releases worldwide in 2015, 3 SACD pressing facilities operating worldwide, and almost 12,000 SACD releases worldwide since the format's introduction.

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Full circle, Sony!