Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 CD player Specifications

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Description: CD player with HDCD decoding and tube output stage. Tube complement: 6922 (x2). Outputs: Two 6922 single-ended on RCA jacks, balanced on XLR jacks. D/A conversion: UltraAnalog D20400A. Transport mechanism: Philips CDM 12.4. Frequency response: 0.5Hz–20kHz ±0.3dB. S/N ratio: >107dB (A-weighted). Channel Separation: >100dB, 20Hz–20kHz. THD: <0.05%, 20Hz–20kHz. Intrinsic jitter: <8ps, DC–40kHz with any music signal.
Dimensions: 19" W by 4" H by 12" D. Weight: 27 lbs unpacked.
Serial number of review sample: 7074.
Price: $3495 (1996); no longer available (2005). Warranty: Five years parts and labor on electronics, one year parts and labor on tubes and transport mechanism. Approximate number of dealers: 80 (1996).
Manufacturer: Sonic Frontiers, Inc. (1996), 2790 Brighton Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada; Paradigm Electronics Inc. (2005), 205 Annagem Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2VI, Canada. Tel: (905) 632-0180. Fax: (905) 632-0183. Web:

Sonic Frontiers
205 Annagem Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2VI
(905) 632-0180

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With zero support from those claiming to know this product etc., is there a point to upgrading the clock in the SFCD-1? Reading the measurements along with a clean front-end, tell me "it's pretty much" tossing funds in a less than positive direction.
I have no issue improving equipment except component readings from outer space
that in the long will only benefit someones bottom line... pc