Songer Audio S1x Field Coil Loudspeaker

Ken Songer of Songer Audio must be on to something because his demo led me to experience a heart rate of 141 while listening to "Sharkey's Day" from Laurie Anderson's Mister Heartbreak. This was a highly unusual physiological response to a familiar track, triggered by the high fidelity sound I experienced.

In the video Ken explains various details about his S1x loudspeaker ($45,000) featuring the Nova field coil driver, which is the source of this aural excellence. It works in conjunction with the Songer Audio variable power supply, which creates the magnetic field in the field coil. As Ken explains, varying the voltage allows the listener to tune the system to taste and to their gear by altering the speaker's Q parameters, which affects imaging, clarity, and tonality.

Check out the video demo with good headphones for an overview of the system, some details about the driver, and a little taste of the sound these speakers offer.

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Ken really brought the heat. Very similar experience to you, Mark. Impressive.

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Great. Just what we all want: fantastic sounding speakers for billionaires. Let’s have more.

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$45k is about what a new Toyota Camry costs, so hardly a 1%'er item. I used the Google and apparently I'm in the 1% in the US (just barely, and only by one measure - less than halfway there by the other) and this is near the top of what I can "afford" to spend on stereo speakers.

There are over 8 billion people in the world, the "1%" is likely over 100 million people (household measure vs. people in household) which is *not* a small market. From a profit standpoint, it may be the best demographic to target.

Mark Phillips

N.B. A friend of mine from high school (who worked at Sumiko for many years) may have married into the Songer family. I keep meaning to ask...

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Typical elitist attitude. Completely tone deaf response.

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(The price shark has been jumped, all you can do now is sit back and take it. Questioning it makes you one of 'them.' It is kinda weird, but it's the paradigm.)

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Your comment is unintelligible. Please expand on this theme if you are able (and I doubt that you can with your limited vocabulary and mental capabilities).

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Just goes to show those with vitriol only understand vitriol.

Leave the fake righteous indignation to MGT.

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The low number for the US 1% is ~$5.8 million net worth, the high is around $18 million (probably individual vs household). I'm well under 10. If you think I'm on Easy St. you don't understand economics and really shouldn't comment on them. Realistically, ca. $100 million is the start of "F You" money and about $500 million is low end "elite."

I can't afford to fly in private jets, buy a new Porsche 911, nor $100k audio components that don't produce income (like a recording studio mixing console would). I've also been too broke to buy a POS car and rode the bus for about a year. In Texas, where every city has terrible public transit. I got my money the old fashioned way, I inherited it. Made my own way before that, incl. almost $100k in student loan debt for a biochem degree, because they (gov't & family) don't give grants for 2nd bachelor's degrees and neither Austin nor UT are cheap. Working and taking O-chem and P-chem was a blast. not.

I live in one of the two or three highest crime ZIP codes in Central TX (and likely #1 for murder/violent crime). It's been tops since the Eastside was gentrified 20ish years ago and it'll be at least another 10 years before it's gentrified out where I live. There was a MS13 front shop busted a mile from my house last year (fake paper plates for cars, popular with criminals). There's a LOT of light industrial and auto shops in my area. And a Hare Krishna temple :)

I am on 3/4 acre in the city, paid about 1/3 what it would cost in a nicer part of town (which I can't afford). Maybe you should just shut yer pie hole when you don't have a clue about whatever you're pontificating upon anonymously. Elitist? Bahahahaha, no. I don't have near that kind of dosh.

Get mad at the 0.1% - the ones with enough actual money to effect change, and own politicians and Supreme Court judges.

PS - I do have access to certain resources that made my effective tax rate in 2022 under 10% even after a $150k capital gain from a land sale, and it will be even lower for 2023. neener neener.

Oh, and I have a voting rule that I've never broken and likely never will - *never* vote for the GOP (didn't see that one coming, did you). I do vote regularly.

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I should have said ‘speakers for millionaires’. In any case, any speaker priced over $10,000 is irrelevant to the greater population of music lovers. Please note I refrain from using the odious term ‘audiophile’. These are people who are trapped in the vice (vise) of listening to gear - rather than music.

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Trickle down here equals new advancements with other products and manufacturers.

How do you think graphene and carbon fiber was introduced to lower priced products? By state of the art work elsewhere.

Do you troll Car & Driver's website too, claiming state of the art had no place here as well?

Yes, for someone to spend thousands on stereo equipment, they must never listen to music, but rather make their small circle of friends jealous.

I would rather argue the inverse- Those that spend time indignant and angry over the high price of the state of the art gear, enjoy less music and are more concerned with audio gear; as they are not in a place of joy for music nor are they ready to open the minds and hearts to great art.

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I will definitely request this song at their room this year. Love that album...Cannot wait! And I will do my best William S. Burroughs impression while in the room; to scare off all of the sweet spot listeners from their perches! 'Hey Kemosabe!!' Lmao..