Synergistic Research Voodoo Streaming Server

Ted Denney used a top-tier stereo system to demonstrate Synergistic Research's latest product, the Voodoo Streaming Server ($14,995), at the inaugural Southwest Audio Fest. The demo also included the Vibratron SX ($3995), a passive resonator design from the company's early days.

Magico speakers, McIntosh amplification, and Synergistic Research cables and power conditioning round out the gear for this demo. Check it out with good headphones.

TedDenney's picture

Thank you Stereophile for having the courage to share my demonstration in the hotly contested Streamer Server space. Your man did an excellent job, and I am grateful for your publishing what is controversial to the keyboard warriors, while your actual readers, who own actual high performance systems, will thank you, as do I.

Ted Denney Lead Designer/ Owner Synergistic Research Inc.