Acora, VAC, Esoteric, Clear, and Cardas

VAC and Acora were a compelling combo at SWAF 2024. In this demo, a pair of granite-bodied Acora SCR-2 loudspeakers ($48,000/pair) sounded rock-solid powered by a pair of VAC Essence amplifiers ($9900/each).

During the demo, Sade's "Cherish the Day" sounded seductive. A couple that had been sitting through previous demo tracks had gotten up to leave but turned around and sat back down to hear more.

I requested "Thief Rockers" by Thievery Corporation, a frequent request from me. The couple that came back to hear Sade stayed for the Thievery. I enjoyed the detailed yet smooth and relaxing presentation.

A rendition of "Inchworm," performed by Patricia Barber, rounded out the demo tracks. I heard the natural dynamics of acoustic instruments and delicate, breathy vocals.

Click on the link below to get a small taste of the system's sound. Use quality, full-range headphones for the best experience.