Von Schweikert Audio, Ideon Audio, JMF Audio, Pear Audio

Von Schweikert Ultra 55 speakers ($120,000 in Porsche Oslo Blue) are the company's smallest flagship-level offering, but still reference in capability with a response specification of 20Hz-40kHz. In practice, they delivered a completely enveloping and absorbing musical presentation at the recently concluded inaugural Southwest Audio Fest.

The front end digital source components by Ideon are interesting for how the Greek company overbuilds its gear, with a philosophy that digital audio equipment should be built like an amplifier. Its Absolute Epsilon DAC ($49,500) notably uses 17 separate power supplies, weighs 65 pounds, and offers a spec'd dynamic range of 140dB.

Ideon's new, upgraded Absolute Stream streamer and music renderer ($21,000) is similarly overbuilt for the sake of eliminating noise to the greatest extent possible. Among other capabilities, it acts a Roon core.

The sources all fed into a JMF Audio PRS 1.5 preamp.

For an analog source, the system featured a Pear Audio Blue Aras turntable ($14,000). Shown for the first time at SWAF, it was equipped with a Fuuga MC cartridge ($10,000) and connected to a JMF Audio PHS 7.2 phono preamp ($25,000). Amplification plus the bulk of the wiring was by JMF Audio, except for the Ideon Siren USB cable.

JMF Audio HQS 7001 mono amplifiers ($38,500/each) powered the speakers. The rack is by Artesania Audio—the Esoteryc ($12,300)—and so is the Aire amplifier stand ($4680/each).

Check out the video for a system overview and to listen to the demo for a small taste of what the room sounded like (quality headphones recommended).

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A lot of bespoke tech in all of the offerings in the rack. Obv, the Ultra 55s are simply SOTA.

Very nice demo as well. Even on Sony WF-1000MX4's, the bass communicated to most of the range is granitic to the core. Natural presentation and the wide soundstage & bandwidth 'bubble' is communicated even through these earbuds.