Stenheim, Infigo Audio, and VPI with Van den Hul

This powerful yet precise system was tasked with filling a small ballroom with sound; in the process, it delivered a captivating performance. A pair of Stenheim Alumine 5 SE speakers ($72,000/pair) were the leaders of the band. For amplification, the system relied on four Infigo Audio Method 3 monoblock amplifiers ($55,000/pair), two per speaker.

Digital tunes came from a Windows 11 mini PC ($1000) running Qobuz and playing files locally stored on SSD. The DAC was Infigo's Method 4 ($35,000). As an analog source, the system used a VPI Avenger Direct equipped with a Van den Hul Black Crimson CGP cartridge ($4200).

The preamp was an Infigo Audio Method 7 ($20,000). Interconnects and speaker cables were also by Infigo.

I heard a cover of "Human Nature" by Trijntje Oosterhuis with Leonardo Amoedo on guitar, from the album Never Can Say Goodbye. With this track, the system proved convincing and realistic in tone, imaging, and dynamics, well-balanced and highly capable.

The next demo track was "Drums Stop No Good" by The Vital Tectones, from the album Topic. Now the speakers put on an impressive drum and bass show. It explored the system's dynamic power and ability to faithfully (re)produce the sound of acoustic instruments.

Watch the video to experience a sliver of the silver system's performance at the show. Best enjoyed with premium headphones.