YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 with Constellation Audio, Audio Research, MSB Technology, and Pure Fidelity

Southwest Audio Fest v1.0 in Dallas, Texas, was the site of the North American debut of the YG Acoustics Sonja 3.2 loudspeaker.

The Sonja 3.2 is a reference-level modular speaker with a cabinet of solid aluminum; each speaker weighs 320lb. Constellation Audio provided the amplification for the system: Centaur II mono amplifiers and Virgo II preamplifier. An Audio Research Reference Phono 3 SE preamplifier worked with a Pure Fidelity turntable and cartridge for vinyl playback. Digital front-end duties were performed admirably by the MSB Premier DAC.

The listening began with the Latin jazz track "Black Frequencies" by Omar Sosa & Tiganá Santana, which is mellow and spacious and thick, the sort of track that does justice to a system such as this. That demo led into some very different music: "Henry and Sam," by Coulter Wall from the album Western Swing and Waltzes, fitting for a Texas show. Male vocals and guitar were the stars of this show, rendered with crystal clarity.

I put in a request, "Sharky's Night" from the Laurie Anderson album Mr. Heartbreak, on which William S. Burroughs speaks over Adrian Belew's interesting guitar work as Bill Laswell plays bass guitar. I left the room impressed by the system's ability to endow the mix with appropriate intensity.