Solace from Sanders Sound Systems

Roger Sanders brought more than a bit of the Colorado forest with him; he and exhibitor Stephen Mollner also delivered some of the most beautiful, airy, smooth, and totally musical sound I encountered at T.H.E. Show. Mollner was a bit apologetic that they were using the same Tascam SR1 flash recorder that I had frowned upon when I blogged their room at a previous show, but clearly they were doing something very, very right. Perhaps it was changes to two settings in the DCX2496 digital crossover, and/or boosting bass output by 1dB. There were only nine demo tracks to choose from, but the Hungarian Rhapsody sounded great. Thanks Roger and Stephen; I needed your breath of fresh air.

remlab's picture one of best sounding rooms of the show. Great speaker setup and a great, enthusiastic rep. And no one can tell me that behringer crossovers aren't transparent and musical. Wow!

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This was my first show and, overall, was not impressed. I got home, switched on my system and heard a sigh of relief from my AmEx card. Kind of makes the 18 months I spent building a pair of speakers was all the more worth it.

My 4 favorite rooms were Sanders, McIntosh, Studio Electric/Benchmark and, of course, those stupid MIT 111's that almost make me think a pair of speakers could be worth $42,000.