Simple, Elegant Design from Thinksound

I’m a big fan of Thinksound’s in-ear designs, but lately I’ve been listening more to on-ear and over-the-ear headphones—I find them more attractive, much more comfortable, and far easier to enjoy overall. So I was happy to learn that Thinksound is now working on its own on-ear design. The yet-to-be-named headphone will cost somewhere between $200 and $300, and should be available sometime this spring. Here we see an early prototype—Thinksound is still working to perfect the overall ergonomics.

Like the company’s in-ear models, the new headphone will have an environmentally friendly look and feel, including real wood ear caps, natural fibers, and earpads clad in memory foam rather than leather. The rich, warm color of the ear caps seen here is natural; the ear caps haven't been stained.

For Thinksound’s Aaron Fournier, a headphone is not a fashion accessory as much as it is an audio accessory—a viable alternative to a dedicated stereo system. As such, he also intends to keep the sound of his headphones as natural as possible. The overall design, he says, should be just as simple and elegant. I listened to Mumford and Sons’ “Roll Away Your Stone,” and I heard a smooth, relaxed sound with plenty of detail and warmth. I’ll look forward to the finished product.

cgreen416's picture

They look pretty sweet. I have really enjoyed my TS02s (purchased in part on your recommendation Stephen). They sound great and are an excepitonal value.