The Sim in the Moon

Even though Simaudio’s Costa Koulisakis once explained in near exhaustive detail the relationship between Moon products and Simaudio, all I can remember is how good the components sound. You too may go over the moon about the three new products in my blog price range. In numerical order, the Moon Evolution Series 610 LP phono preamplifier ($7000), based on the reference Moon 810LP that Michael Fremer reviewed in December 2012, is a dual-mono, fully balanced differential design with isolated oversized power supply with a pi-type filter; adjustable impedance loading, capacitance loading, and gain settings; and selectable equalization curves. It will even wash your windows.

The Moon Evolution Series 740P preamplifier ($9000, seen in photo) offers four stages of the company newly developed M-LoVo (Moon low-voltage) DC regulation circuit, which the company modestly claims to be highly sophisticated and clever. Then again, I think I’m clever, which shows you just how delusional a writer can become when penning his 538th blog of the day. It has an M-eVOL2 volume-control circuit with 530 individual volume steps. a dual-mono oversized power supply, and lots of other features with proprietary names that I’ll let your local dealer explain.

Finally, the Moon Evolution Series 860A power amplifier ($14,000), a replacement for the W7, is a balanced differential dual-mono design that outputs 200Wpc into 8 ohms and doubles down to 800 into 2 ohms. The circuit employs no overall feedback, and boasts Moon's proprietary output transistors, oversized power supply, very short capacitor-free signal path. The amp offers class-A output up to 5W for greater efficiency.