Silent Source Cabling

Given that the folks at Pass Labs have never made a big deal about cabling, it's significant that they've given a major thumbs up to Silent Source Audio cables. Calling them "the best cables you've never heard," they use these hand-built-in-Texas cables to voice their products. So, I'm told, does Andrew Jones of TAD.

Frank Dickens (pictured) tells me that he's been in business for 15 years. While Silent Source cables are marketed by Walker Audio, they've mostly been sold overseas. "They weren't taken seriously because they're not expensive enough," says Dickens. "My cables were developed initially for the purpose of evaluating other components."

Dickens' top-of-the-line is made of ultra-pure silver. The top "The Music Reference" high current power cable is $3375/2m, and "The Music Reference" RCA interconnects are $6195/1.2m set. At the bottom of the line, the Signature power cable runs $1550/2m, and Signature copper RCAs are $1495 /2m pair. That's certainly expensive enough for a lot of people.