Shift Happens was feeling a little bit old.

We'd have to go back to September 2005 to recall the last major changes made to our website. It was then that we began adding our forums and blogs, which moved slowly at first, went through some growing pains, and finally became some of our most popular online destinations. About a year later, we made other minor revisions, altering the look and feel of our site to make it friendlier, more attractive, and easier to use.

These were all great moves, but the nature of the Web demands near-constant renewal. The time had come for some tube-rolling. Or, if you prefer, we needed to augment our physical media with a high-res, lightning-fast, computer-based system. Look at it however you like. The situation was clear: We were overdue for a facelift.

So here we are. Now, in addition to a fresh, clean look—note the much larger images and the easier to read type—we've merged all of's content onto a single platform. This means you'll be able to search for whatever your audiophile heart desires and, if it's on our site, you'll find it.

Become a Member
Membership has its privileges. To comment on articles, blogs, Votes, or post in our forums and galleries, readers can sign up and create an account using the form at the bottom of the right column (under the ads) on every page.

If you were previously a member in our forums and have a valid email address, you'll need to create a new password before being able to post anywhere:

If you already had an account in our forums, click here to reset your password.

If you have a problem doing this, contact me by email.

More Stuff
Do you have a favorite Stereophile contributor? Would you like to spend all afternoon reading every Michael Fremer review that's ever been posted to our site? You can! Just click on his byline, and your wish will be granted. In addition, our new search engine allows you to streamline your search according to specific words, phrases, site categories, or story types.

And, finally, all entries on are now open to readers' comments. We believe your intelligent and thoughtful comments will not only improve our website, but will improve our entire hobby. We want to hear from you. Our equipment reviews, interviews, music reviews, think pieces, and blog entries are the starting blocks from which we race to explore the reasons we love hi-fi, share that love with others, and work to keep our passions forever growing.

Welcome to the new and improved Thanks for being here.

comp.audiophile's picture

I like the new functionality. Drupal is a very good CMS :~)

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Tube_Guy's picture

Always one of the best sites on the net. I liked the old site, and, so far, I like the new one.

TooLoudASolitude's picture

I'm really enjoying the new Stereophile site already. Much cleaner looking and better laid out then the old site. Good job!

Jim Teacher's picture

You may want to have redirects for old pages (a la Stephen's column, redirecting users to the new page).

Also, having a hard time changing my password. Looks sharp, though.

ken mac's picture

dont' care for, it have to scroll to bottom to access blogs, all the info that used be easy to access. Looks better, functions worse